California Wildfires: Residents React to Hazy Skies in the Bay Area πŸ’₯πŸ‘©πŸ‘©πŸ’₯

Parts of the Bay Area were under hazy skies Saturday due to smoke from the wildfires in Northern California and Oregon.

Hikers in the East Bay said they aren’t smelling it, but they do see it.

Hazy skies in the distance particularly in the hills and they wonder how long it will go on.

Patty Roberts went for a hike in Concord Saturday.

In the distance, the lingering smoke was unmistakable.

β€œAround here, it’s fine but then when you get up on the ridges up high and you look toward Mount Diablo, And over that way, it’s pretty hazy from the smoke,” she said.

Roberts said she did not smell smoke at Lime Ridge Open Space, but the heat was on and she’s seen these conditions recently. Smoke drifting from northern California and Oregon fires.

β€œMost of the smoke that we’re seeing is visual impact most of it is aloft its not the ground level we are expecting moderate air quality for the majority of the Bay Area,” said Walter Wallace.

Wallace is with the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, which extended the air quality advisory through Sunday.

Smoke is expected to mostly remain aloft but there could be periods of smoke at the surface in areas like the North and East Bay hills.

Air quality is not expected to exceed federal health standards.

β€œIn those rare cases where someone does smell smoke at the ground level, just know you’re being affected and you can take preventative measures to protect yourself,” said Wallace.

Martinez resident Heather Hollis just returned from heavier smoke near Lake Tahoe and takes precautions at home in the East Bay, too.

β€œIt’s been a little gray. I have asthma and I felt that a little bit my chest has been kind of tight I have my air filters on,” she said.

California Wildfires: Residents React to Hazy Skies in the Bay Area

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